Yoga for Kids

This class is suitable for children of all ages. It is most ideal for kids ages 3 and up, for children younger than 3, the mommy and me classes…..and Dad too may be a better choice.  Yoga for Kids is an amazing way for kids to communicate with each other through healthy active play.   Studies have concluded that children who are engaged in Yoga significantly make better choices during life in the long run, by making healthier choices for themselves.

During our fast paced world it is challenging for children to understand how to naturally relax. This class helps increase their focus, attention and self esteem. Yoga can help children to communicate effectively with the other children in a fun social setting.  Yoga helps to teach children how to calm themselves when feeling nervous or upset.  The physical activity involved with Yoga for kids is a non-competitive form of exercise, allowing them to be creative as they gain more strength and flexibility.

(45 minute class)