Herbology Training & Workshops Coming Spring/Summer of 2022



Herbology Certificate

Panacea school of Integrative Health
Hallowell Maine 207-242-2983
Accepting Applications~space is limited 

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Hands On Learning:
History of herbs, prepare your own medicinal medicine cabinet, plant/herb support for everyday ailments and chronic condition support. How to grow, harvest, tincture, infuse, prepare salves & balms for children, women, men & pets.

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Our next Herbology course is a 100 hour certificate course held on 3 separate full weekends and 3 half half weekends from the spring-fall. This includes a portion of outside study.

Our cost is $1200, we offer payment plans, of $171 broken up into the 7 payments, the first initial payment is due 30 days prior to the start of our program. The remaining 6 payments are due at the start of each training weekend.

 We require a $199 non refundable fee to hold a spot in our training.

We also offer an up front payment of $999, 30 days prior to start of program, as a discount option. To utilize this discount this full payment must be made before or by April, 7th 2022.

We also offer these herbal module weekends by simply signing up for just a 1 time weekend as a singular day or 2 full days. The singular day is $99 and the full weekend is $171. Feel free to call our school to inquire about a specific portion of our weekend if you are interested in attending. Some of the individual modules that individuals will sign up for, is our essential oils module and our plant/herbal identification walks!

Our 6 month Module Herbology Weekend Schedule runs 1 time per month alternating a full weekend during a month and then a single day on the weekends the following month. There are a total of 3 full weekends and 3 half weekends. Including some home study requirements.



We cover many amazing components of healing herbs and plant medicine. This program covers an extensive amount of information for the beginning herbalist enthusiast.

Many of the fascinating things we learn:

*Plants/herbs native to Maine and what’s edible in our very back yards through our plant identification walks!

*How to grow, harvest and tincture basic herbs we can grow in our back yard.

*Learning about effective gardening, ph levels in our soil, natural sources of nitrogen in our soil to support growth of sustainable agricultural.

*We learn healing components and medicinal constituencies of many/plant/herb/whole food options to help prevent and support everyday ailments.

*Learning how to identify what plants/herbs/Whole Foods are anti-viral, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory etc.

*Which medical plants/herbs are most supportive for the needs of women, men, children, babies, pregnancy, elderly & pets.

*How to infuse oils/teas, making solar tea and oils, balms, salves etc.

*Intro to essential oils and learning when aromatherapy, topical and internal is safest.

*The history of herbs around the world, why plant  medicine is effective for our bodies.

*Recipes/smoothies with aromatic herbs/oils etc.

*How to work up effective protocols for our family and friends through an evaluation/intake form.

*A&P of our bodily systems and how these can remain in homeostasis with the support of plants and movement.

*Plants and foods for each of the 4 seasons.

And so much more!

We look forward to the possibility of having you join us for our amazing herbal training.