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Innovative treatment for multiple conditions

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How it works

Firefly multi-spectrum therapy emits packets of light called photons. Photons break the painful inflammatory cycle by dilating small blood and lymphatic vessels. This increase in circulation removes the irritating inflammatory products and results in accelerated healing and pain relief. The immune system and nervous system are also stimulated by photons, which increases activity and leads to faster repair of damaged tissues.

Numerous tests show that the increase in circulation and reduction in pain associated with the use of photons is the result of an increase in the release of nitric oxide directly under the neurotransmitter.

60 years ago, Furchgott (et al JPETT 113:22, 1955) demonstrated the ability of photo energy to induce vasorelaxation. Furchgott, Ignatto, and Murad were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 for their work in identifying nitric oxide as the molecule responsible for regulating blood pressure.

What to expect

The first initial light therapy appointment is about an hour, this includes an intake and a treatment protocol plan, and the F scan “frequency scan” that looks into regulating immune system support within the digestive system, as well as the first light therapy treatment that is applied to areas of the body that need support specifically.

All light therapy sessions after the initial first appointment can run from 10-30 minutes. 

Individuals may chooses to have another F scan at some point.

The basic outline for individual treatment sessions for success are as follows: This includes doing the initial appointment and then 2-3 light therapy sessions to follow within a couple week time frame. After this suggested direction of treatment most will have sessions 1 time per month, 2 times per month or a handful of times per year. Its always individualized and optional.

How many treatments are needed

This varies based on many factors, including chronicity of disease, strength of immune system, frequency of treatments, and much more. A series of 4 treatments is usually administered to evaluate effectiveness and determine the appropriate number of additional sessions. High resolution infrared images may be taken before and after the initial treatment to clearly detail blood circulation and the effect of Firefly Photon Therapy.

The science behind it

Photon, or near-infrared light therapy works at the cellular level in a phenomenon known as Photobiomodulation. Photons stimulate cytochrome-c oxidase, an enzyme associated with the third part of the electron transport chain inside the mitochondria. Cytochrome-c oxidase in turn causes increased levels of ATP synthase, an enzyme associated with the fourth part of the electron transport chain. ATP synthase synthesizes ATP production which has a cascade of beneficial effects at the cellular level.



About the Firefly developer

Martin Bales - 4yrs old working with his dad at Bales Scientific

Martin grew up working alongside his father, Maurice, at Bales Scientific, Inc., who developed the first digital Infrared camera and the first Photonic Stimulator to be approved by the FDA. The photo on the right is an infrared image of Martin at age 4 taken with the camera his father developed.

After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Martin pursued another educational path and achieved a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Fusing both backgrounds, Martin formed Bales Photonics, Inc. developing the previous BioPhoton 100 and latest Firefly models which use different wavelengths of light and frequencies to promote healing. Our latest custom designed LED chip increases the maximum output power from 8,900 mW to 37,700 mW (resulting in 4x the power!). This allows for much quicker treatment (reduced from 15 mins to 5 mins per area) and greater penetration depth.

Martin’s vision is to bring light therapy to the masses via the availability of a powerful, effective, and affordable product line. With the latest release of 4 unique Firefly models, Martin believes he has begun this journey. At a time when sickness and disease are at epidemic levels, Firefly light therapy can help address a multitude of diseases from pain and dysfunction to possibly reversing cognitive decline, all without synthetic toxins. Firefly light therapy truly is part of the future of medicine.

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  • Initial session $175
  • Light therapy sessions are $85
  • 5 Pass $ 325
  • 10 Pass $650

The Panacea Difference

Justin and Suzanne Cobb are the first practitioners in Maine, and only the 3rd to offer this supportive therapy in New England, and on the east coast. The fantastic opportunity of healing through light therapy has finally arrived. They have invested in this new way of life for many individuals with chronic illness and pain to finally have relief. Sessions are relaxing and safe. Consume minimal time for treatment.



Laurie Hayden-South China

Amazing new therapy available in Central Maine! After a slip and fall on the ice I was experiencing severe lower back pain that yoga, massage and chiropractic could not help. With just one session of the light therapy, my back pain was completely eliminated! The relaxation response from even 5 minutes of light is incredible. I would easily compare it to that blissed out feeling you get after a good massage. It’s so yummy, you want to stay there forever.

Laurie Hayden

Kelsey Mills-Manchester

April 2021 I had Covid and lost my taste and smell and a year later I was still suffering from it. After two sessions this week with Suzanne at Panacea School Of Integrative Health doing firefly light therapy I am getting it back, almost to fast! It’s assaulting to have it return so quickly! I’m smelling everything! I know I was super depressed being without it for so long so if you are suffering from this give Suzanne a call and schedule an appointment asap!

Kelsey Mills

Angela Weymouth-Falmouth

I’ve suffered with severe insomnia, digestive issues/ gut dysbiosis and anxiety for 20yrs. I’ve literally tried everything and thrown 10s of thousands of dollars at these issues. In December I contracted covid for 4 weeks and it sent my immune and nervous system in overdrive. My son as well got it and had the same symptoms as I did, where we couldn’t sleep at all and barely could eat. After recovery we still could barely eat or sleep for months. I decided to try the Firefly light therapy when Suzanne described it to me and I realized this was not only pure light therapy of full Spectrum blue, red and infrared it also intertwines Rife like technology. When she scanned me the first visit she was shocked how high my viral/bacterial/parasitic load was. After our first visit we both noticed we were able to get our appetites back and started sleeping better. I was scanned again before my 4th treatment today and went from 38 hits above normal to 1 hit above normal for pathogen load. I’ve gone from losing a scary amount of weight to where I had to force-feed myself and feeling like I was not absorbing any nutrients. I looked like I was wasting away. I am now up to my pre covid weight and able to sleep more than 4 hrs per night. Same with my son. I’m so grateful to Suzanne and for this technology she’s brought to Maine. I was getting ready to drop thousands of $$ on another round of new practioners and testing and that whole slippery slope for both me and my son and now I feel as though there is a very reasonable and fast solution for illness.

Angela Weymouth

Elizabeth Brown-West Gardiner

I’ve been seeing Suzanne the last couple months to help with some previous mystery health concerns from Auto immune, Lyme, migraines, foggy brain and memory issues. Light therapy has been a Godsend, literally. I am so pleased with my initial treatments and results I now treat myself to self-care by choice weekly to these amazing sessions that have helped with numerous amount of things from increased energy, reducing insomnia, feeling clear headed, calm, and organized in my thoughts and even anti-aging! I’m blown away by the anti-aging piece. Who would have thought a state of the art treatment like this rare gem, in the state of maine, this is not the typical basic light laser, those lights have 1-2 bandwidths of light. I have learned, this firefly light has 8 pure light spectrum bandwidths! People that have not tried this yet are missing out. It’s safe and 100% worth every penny.

Elizabeth Brown

Michelle Price-Hallowell

As someone who has struggled with Lyme disease and other chronic health issues, I have tried a vast array of healing modalities. In particular, Lyme majorly took its toll on my digestive system. After several treatments of Firefly Light during an acute IBS flare up, I am feeling dramatically better and more optimistic about my health and well-being.

Michelle Price

Steve Imbruno-Winthrop

I have seen Suzanne a few times for light therapy treatment and have had some very good results. I had a mild stroke several years ago. The light therapy seems to have helped my thought clarity and relieved some word searching difficulties. It has also given me an overall calm feeling relieving some of my anxieties. I have also suffered with tinnitus for years. The light therapy has reduced the static sounds down to a tolerable level. Similarly I struggle with chronic neck pain. The light therapy has improved my range of motion by 80% when turning my head. I am definitely happy with these results that have improved my daily functions.

Steve Imbruno


I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre’ Syndrome in 2014. I was left with legs that felt like logs with a constant burning sensation all of the time..mostly in my calves and feet. When sitting with my right foot up ..and someone would push it forward I would have agonizing pain. My balance wasn’t I would have to be very careful not to fall. When I got up to walk, my feet felt like they were on ice …no grip. I spoke to Suzanne about the Firefly Light Therapy and decided to make an appointment. To be honest, I was VERY skeptical. I noticed a difference after the first appointment. I have had four treatments and the improvements are: My legs have more feeling and the burning sensation has almost disappeared. The agonizing pain on my right foot is completely gone. My balance is better. My feet have a more walking on ice. I am very pleased with the results . I am now going for maintenance. If you have pain or an ongoing condition, I recommend you try the Firefly Light Treatment with Suzanne. It has helped me…maybe it would help you too!! You have nothing to lose but the pain!!!