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At Panacea School of Integrative Health we are here to help you with your health and wellbeing.  We offer a number of treatments that have help so many people.  Whether you need Massage Therapy, Yoga, Herbal Remedies, Light Therapy, or perhaps you are not sure and need an intuitive consultation.  We’re here to help.  Just contact us and begin your journey to healing.

Firefly Light Therapy

Chronic Illness and Pain Support

Firefly multi-spectrum therapy emits packets of light called photons. Photons break the painful inflammatory cycle by dilating small blood and lymphatic vessels. This increase in circulation removes the irritating inflammatory products and results in accelerated healing and pain relief. The immune system and nervous system are also stimulated by photons, which increases activity and leads to faster repair of damaged tissues.

Massage Therapy

Let our healing hands help you

Massage Therapy can help: increase immune system function, help decrease pain receptor response, support quicker healing time, lower stress level, decrease symptoms of anxiety & depression, supports healthy circulation & tissue repair, supports healthy digestion, and helps prevent insomnia, PMS, and overall mood regulation.


Experience the intuitive healing of Raven's Remedy

Have you been looking for solutions to a chronic illness such as Lyme disease or autoimmunity issues?  Are you suffering from ongoing health problems like back pain, headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, anxiety or depression?  We can help.

Clients will receive intuitive suggestions of plant based foods, herbs for individualized specific healing needs, yogic protocols based on specific breathing techniques, creative individualized movement and guided visualization.  Consults that can profoundly impact you or a love one’s life. 

Yoga Classes

Join us for Yoga Class

Yoga can help: increase flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone, improve respiration, increase energy and vitality, maintain a balanced metabolism, support weight reduction, support cardio and circulatory health, improve athletic performance, help protect from injury.


Laurie Hayden-South China

Amazing new therapy available in Central Maine! After a slip and fall on the ice I was experiencing severe lower back pain that yoga, massage and chiropractic could not help. With just one session of the light therapy, my back pain was completely eliminated! The relaxation response from even 5 minutes of light is incredible. I would easily compare it to that blissed out feeling you get after a good massage. It’s so yummy, you want to stay there forever.

Laurie Hayden

Kelsey Mills-Manchester

April 2021 I had Covid and lost my taste and smell and a year later I was still suffering from it. After two sessions this week with Suzanne at Panacea School Of Integrative Health doing firefly light therapy I am getting it back, almost to fast! It’s assaulting to have it return so quickly! I’m smelling everything! I know I was super depressed being without it for so long so if you are suffering from this give Suzanne a call and schedule an appointment asap!

Kelsey Mills

Angela Weymouth-Falmouth

I’ve suffered with severe insomnia, digestive issues/ gut dysbiosis and anxiety for 20yrs. I’ve literally tried everything and thrown 10s of thousands of dollars at these issues. In December I contracted covid for 4 weeks and it sent my immune and nervous system in overdrive. My son as well got it and had the same symptoms as I did, where we couldn’t sleep at all and barely could eat. After recovery we still could barely eat or sleep for months. I decided to try the Firefly light therapy when Suzanne described it to me and I realized this was not only pure light therapy of full Spectrum blue, red and infrared it also intertwines Rife like technology. When she scanned me the first visit she was shocked how high my viral/bacterial/parasitic load was. After our first visit we both noticed we were able to get our appetites back and started sleeping better. I was scanned again before my 4th treatment today and went from 38 hits above normal to 1 hit above normal for pathogen load. I’ve gone from losing a scary amount of weight to where I had to force-feed myself and feeling like I was not absorbing any nutrients. I looked like I was wasting away. I am now up to my pre covid weight and able to sleep more than 4 hrs per night. Same with my son. I’m so grateful to Suzanne and for this technology she’s brought to Maine. I was getting ready to drop thousands of $$ on another round of new practioners and testing and that whole slippery slope for both me and my son and now I feel as though there is a very reasonable and fast solution for illness.

Angela Weymouth

Elizabeth Brown-West Gardiner

I’ve been seeing Suzanne the last couple months to help with some previous mystery health concerns from Auto immune, Lyme, migraines, foggy brain and memory issues. Light therapy has been a Godsend, literally. I am so pleased with my initial treatments and results I now treat myself to self-care by choice weekly to these amazing sessions that have helped with numerous amount of things from increased energy, reducing insomnia, feeling clear headed, calm, and organized in my thoughts and even anti-aging! I’m blown away by the anti-aging piece. Who would have thought a state of the art treatment like this rare gem, in the state of maine, this is not the typical basic light laser, those lights have 1-2 bandwidths of light. I have learned, this firefly light has 8 pure light spectrum bandwidths! People that have not tried this yet are missing out. It’s safe and 100% worth every penny.

Elizabeth Brown

Michelle Price-Hallowell

As someone who has struggled with Lyme disease and other chronic health issues, I have tried a vast array of healing modalities. In particular, Lyme majorly took its toll on my digestive system. After several treatments of Firefly Light during an acute IBS flare up, I am feeling dramatically better and more optimistic about my health and well-being.

Michelle Price

Steve Imbruno-Winthrop

I have seen Suzanne a few times for light therapy treatment and have had some very good results. I had a mild stroke several years ago. The light therapy seems to have helped my thought clarity and relieved some word searching difficulties. It has also given me an overall calm feeling relieving some of my anxieties. I have also suffered with tinnitus for years. The light therapy has reduced the static sounds down to a tolerable level. Similarly I struggle with chronic neck pain. The light therapy has improved my range of motion by 80% when turning my head. I am definitely happy with these results that have improved my daily functions.

Steve Imbruno


I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre’ Syndrome in 2014. I was left with legs that felt like logs with a constant burning sensation all of the time..mostly in my calves and feet. When sitting with my right foot up ..and someone would push it forward I would have agonizing pain. My balance wasn’t I would have to be very careful not to fall. When I got up to walk, my feet felt like they were on ice …no grip. I spoke to Suzanne about the Firefly Light Therapy and decided to make an appointment. To be honest, I was VERY skeptical. I noticed a difference after the first appointment. I have had four treatments and the improvements are: My legs have more feeling and the burning sensation has almost disappeared. The agonizing pain on my right foot is completely gone. My balance is better. My feet have a more walking on ice. I am very pleased with the results . I am now going for maintenance. If you have pain or an ongoing condition, I recommend you try the Firefly Light Treatment with Suzanne. It has helped me…maybe it would help you too!! You have nothing to lose but the pain!!!


Kristin Jordan-Maine

Being a nurse with a clinical background in neurology, I was surprised to find myself feeling anxious and isolated when I experienced a Bell’s Palsy earlier this summer. Wanting only to be alone, I forced myself to attend a yoga class with Suzanne, who greeted me with open, knowing arms. Her warmth, knowledge and soft attention helped me to refocus and take care of myself.

Kristin Jordan

Holly Berger Howard-Massachusetts

In August of 2014 I found myself in one of the darkest places I had been in my life when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I experienced everything from Bells Palsy, heart palpitations, electric shock sensations, extreme weight loss, massive panic attacks, the list goes on. I had numerous days where I couldn’t move because I was completely paralyzed by fear because I didn’t know what symptom I would experience next. I was living a nightmare. I spent countless appointments crying to doctors, pleading with them to help me. They who only looked at me as if I had a severe mental disorder and many of them said to me, “There is nothing wrong with you. You should be cured by now. It’s all in your head.” I felt hopeless and alone, knowing there was something very wrong with me and it wasn’t my imagination. I was definitely on my own with this battle. After reaching out on Facebook and posting what I had been through, many of my old high school friends told me to talk to Suzanne Cobb who graduated a few years ahead of me. She too had been severely affected by Lyme and was somehow able to overcome this beast of a disease. I found Suzanne to be extremely compassionate, knowledgeable and for the first time and only time in my battle with Lyme, the one person who completely understood what I had gone through and knew it wasn’t just in my head. She pointed out exactly what I was feeling and what remedies could help me gradually feel better. I remember her telling me over and over, “You will get better. It’s not any type of medicine that will cure you, it’s your own body/immune system that will fight this off. You just need help in making your body stronger to do it.” She was exactly right. She introduced me to various natural remedies, from turmeric, magnesium, and most importantly, DoTerra essential oils. She knew precisely what each oil did and how they would help me get on the path to recovery. She spent hours talking to me, encouraging me and most importantly, educating me on what my body needed and why. I am happy to say that after just a few short months of following her advice, I no longer experience any Lyme symptoms. I went from a very sad and lonely place to being able to enjoy my family and life again. I encourage anyone to listen and heed her advice. She did what no doctor ever could and I will forever be grateful to her.”

Holly Berger Howard


Suzanne was quick to recommend holy basil tincture to target my endocrine system to heal when I was diagnosed with Alopecia. Within four weeks of taking the tincture, my symptoms were improving and my hair loss rate decreased immensely. This was such a relief especially after hearing from my doctor that they didn’t know what to do for me and that the condition would either go away on its own or I’d live with it indefinitely. Thank you Suzanne! I can’t wait to take your herbal program and learn more! LMT-Maine


Craig Buck-Maine

I went to Suzanne after having a chronic cough for over a year that was keeping me awake at night. I had gone to my physician several times for the same symptoms only to leave with a new prescription of medicine or inhalers. Nothing seemed to work. I was also experiencing joint and muscle pain along with weakness. After my wife’s constant insistence to go see Suzanne, I finally caved in. Suzanne spent at least an hour and a half with me and sent me home with a few foods I should avoid and supplements that would help. Within a weeks time my cough had stopped, I was sleeping through the night and my joint pain and weakness had disappeared. I was very hesitant about trying an alternative natural solution to my problems but I’m very happy I did and am thankful to Suzanne for her knowledge and expertise!

Craig Buck

Amy Richard Krug-Maine

I was diagnosed as a non-smoker with stage IV lung cancer at the age of 42. As a Registered Nurse I know the science behind modern medicine; however in my heart I knew it was more than standard medical therapy that would help with prolonging my life. We have known each other since childhood and as soon as she found out, Suzanne offered to see me for a consult. I was immediately impressed with her passion and knowledge for natural healing. She educated me on herbal supplements, dietary changes, essential oils, and yoga poses to help expand my chest and improve my breathing. I have been following her instruction along with taking my Targeted Therapy medication. Thankfully, my follow up CT scan showed the tumors had decreased in size. I believe that the combination of traditional medicine and the holistic therapy are contributing to my healing. I cannot thank Suzanne enough for all of her support and highly recommend her services.

Amy Richard Krug