Our Teachers

Teachers and Therapists

Our teachers and therapists are here to help you learn, grow, heal, and experience overall wellness. 

Suzanne Imbruno Cobb

Suzanne Imbruno Cobb was born a healer and medical/spiritual intuitive. She has studied plant medicine for more than 20 years. She teaches yoga and instructs Anatomy & Physiology at Panacea School. After fighting a long illness with Epstein Barr Virus and misdiagnosed Lyme disease over 10 years ago, she found her passion to help guide others to find healing and has shown students the way to a happy healthy life by opening Panacea yoga studios in 2011 and Panacea School of Integrative Health in 2014. She lives in the Hallowell Maine area with her husband Justin and her 4 boys Lorenzo, Luther, Linus and Lochlan.

Justin Cobb

Justin Cobb LMT, Has been a large part in the growth of panacea school over the last decade. As Part Owner Justin strives to engage and hear the needs of each student, creatively explores the human body looking to help manage pain symptoms with care and expertise. You can find Justin teaching at the school, treating his massage clients, offering the light therapy sessions for chronic illness and pain management. Justin was born on a farm and has deep roots that help him to continue growing in the world of healing and natural arts. Justin and Suzanne share 4 boys together and live in the Hallowell area.

Jop Blom

Jop Blom is a man full of wisdom, he is inquisitive, and his sense of humor is a favorite of our students. Jop brings another dimension of unexplored learning to our kinesiology class at Panacea School. Originally from the Netherlands, Jop has been practicing physical therapy for over 30 years. He currently works as a PT for Maine General Medical Center. He also operates Annabessacook farm with his husband.

Sara Dostie

Sara Dostie’s Journey as a healing arts practitioner was a calling from a young age. She gained her own wisdom through her illness with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, and feels rewarded helping others to find relief along their path. Sara is an amazing and gifted massage therapist, she is an important assest to Panacea School. Sara is a Maine guide and owns and operates her own business Healing Hands Holistic Wellness in Hallowell Maine.

Anita Smith

Anita Smith was born and raised in the west. She spent every moment she could with every sort of animal, they were her playmates and teachers. She lives on a small farm with her husband. Anita specializes in Neuromuscular Massage, she became a licensed massage therapist in Colorado. Her amazing abilities, perspectives and insight about the human body is fascinating. Anita sees clients at her Massage office in Belfast Maine.

Alex Amorosi

Alex Amorosi currently lives in Watertown Massachusetts with Bonsai his Maine Coon cat. He teaches in the Boston area as well as making frequent trips to teach in Maine and Connecticut. His connection to the art and science part of yoga engulfs the panacea yoga students for a life changing experience. Words by Alex: “yoga literally saved my life. Yoga continues to help me grow, shift, and change to be a better human being. Yoga guided me to my life’s purpose. Yoga helps me celebrate my triumphs and do better by my mistakes. The combination of yoga and energy work has helped me shift unhealthy patterns I thought were intractable.” Alex owns and operates Alex Amorosi Yoga, Reiki and coaching. “Alex is also a Level 3 Reiki Master and Teacher and practices and teaches energy work in Boston. www.alexamorosiyoga.com

Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson is a Yoga Teacher & Photographer. She first started yoga when her mom would roll out her own mat and she would just copy any movement she did. Tory deepened her practice in the beginning of 2016 by achieving her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Transcending Yoga led by Valerie Baltzer in Swansboro, NC. This is where her husband who was stationed in the Marine Corps. Shortly after he ended is active duty service they moved home to Maine and Panacea was the first studio Tory stepped into. She had been disconnected from the practice but walking through the studio doors felt like home and naturally she felt the need to teach in the area. Along with showing up for class she has also taken advantage of some amazing opportunities Panacea has offered with teachers from all over the country and she is now working towards her 300HR RYT with Travis Eliot training over the next year at Panacea Yoga Studios! She is looking forward to this next season of life at panacea and teaching in a place that feels so much like home to her.

Mike Keighley

Mike Keighley grew up in Ohio and then fell in love with Maine while attending the University of Maine. He was a helicopter pilot in the Army, serving over 8 years, with deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. Mike brings a down to earth feel into his yoga, pranayama, and meditation, which has been valuable in enabling him to re-connect while finding an identity outside of the military. Mike currently lives in Augusta with his cat Marty.

Kendall Hinkley

Kendall Hinkley has roots in the Catskills of NY and Southern Maine. Growing up as a dancer in these areas of natural beauty, Kendall looks to her body and nature as her guides. She operates a successful bodywork practice in Portland, ME where she offers custom table massage and Thai Massage. Her interest in helping others reconnect with the earth they are made of. When she is not doing bodywork, she can be found making pottery, learning about herbs and hiking around New England. We are thrilled Kendall is joining Panacea School.

Tracey Dorian Feith

Tracey Dorian Feith is a mom of 5, a registered nurse of over 20 years specializing in pediatrics, a US Army Veteran, a professional photographer, and a LMT practicing for over 4 years now with a certification in pediatric touch therapy as a well as a specialized training in touch therapy in the field of pervasive development disorders in pediatrics. She has cultivated a life of caring for others through human connection, communication, curiosity, and empathy. She has found with massage therapy her own musculoskeletal pain issues have gifted her with a drive to discover source of chronic and acute pain and help to return individuals to their baseline. We are honored to have her join our Panacea team.