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Massage Therapist | Yoga Instructor | Herbology

Take the opportunity to become a an agent of healing in the lives of others.  Our Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Training is a State-certified program.  Our Yoga Instructor Course will empower you to guide others in their own health and wellbeing.  Our Herbology course will train you the cultivation and use of herbal treatments

Licensed Massage Therapist TRAINING

Become a Licensed Massage Therapist

Start a new and wonderful career.  Learn the skills of healing hands.  Take our 530 hour state-certified massage therapy program.  Our program schedules are created and developed specifically from the requests we receive. We have set up our school programs making them convenient for those with full time jobs, children and other priorities. Our 14 month programs are designed for those students to be educated at a comfortable pace.

YOGA Instructor TRAINING - 200HR Course

Become a Yoga Instructor

Next class March 2023

Individuals with interest in this program are encouraged to apply early, as this unique specialized training fills quickly with limited space available. 

Our Training takes place 1 weekend per month for 9 months, fulfilling 180 of the 200 Contact hours towards graduation. 20 hours of our 200 hour training are simple self study outside classroom hours that are filtered over the course of 9 months. We encourage students who enroll to plan for a longer weekend with ample breaks and lunch time. We start our weekends between 8-9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


Learn about the natural healing power of herbs

Her offer Hands On Learning.  In our course you will: Learn the history of herbs, prepare your own medicinal medicine cabinet, plant/herb support for everyday ailments and chronic condition support. How to grow, harvest, tincture, infuse, prepare salves & balms for children, women, men & pets.


Danielle Dickey

I greatly enjoyed my time in the 200 hr YTT at Panacea school of integrative health. Working with Suzanne has lead to one of the greatest relationships I could have hoped for in a yoga teacher. She is very knowledgeable about a variety of topics, and includes multiple teachers from various styles and backgrounds to teach the students throughout the journey. Suzanne is a warrior, and shares her story openly for all to learn from. Her love and passion for holistic health and wellness shines clear and all who get the chance to experience it are far better for it! The training was very affordable and the payment plan option made my dream a reality. The flexibility of the weekend intensive created a strong sense of community among the group as we all grew together throughout the program. I highly recommend it!

Danielle Dickey

Erica Stuhff

I had an amazing experience earning my 200 hour RYT certification at Panacea School of Integrative Health. I’m so honored to learn from Suzanne and to share this experience with such wonderful people. This training has been integral to my evolution as a practitioner, and probably even more so as a person. Suzanne has created an inviting and comfortable atmosphere to both study and practice in. I appreciate that during the course of our training we had a variety of guest teachers who offered unique perspectives and techniques, and brought life to the material. I feel fortunate to have found this specific program because Suzanne incorporates elements of holistic wellness into her teachings that I’m not sure I would have gotten in another training. Lastly, I benefited immensely from the partner work that was incorporated into every weekend session. After graduating, I can say that It is exciting and humbling to think about sharing this gift of yoga with others!

Erica Stuhff

Nedra Smith

There are far too many positive things I could say for this amazing studio and Suzanne, the owner of Panacea. To list just a few reasons I would suggest exploring the many offerings at Panacea School of Integrative Health: When I discovered the 200 hour teacher training in Hallowell, it was at least an hour drive from where I live in North Yarmouth. I did a fair amount of homework on various teacher trainings which were local. Her prices were competitive and made the extra leg work worth it to find somewhere I could afford, outside of the economically over-saturated Portland bubble. I joined late, but took extra courses in pranayama and meditation to complete hours. Suzanne was understanding, flexible and fair. She made me feel welcomed and comfortable. The students in the 200 hour course I participated in were diverse and friendly. Ages and genders ranging, everyone was unique in their own ways, and had a great deal to offer in addition to the wealth of knowledge from Suzanne. We learned the foundations of how to teach yoga in a safe, informed and ethical way. In my experience, there are many people who call themselves instructors but who don’t have the best interest of their students in mind; just how much money can they make off of them. With scholarship options, payment plans and a baseline price that is one of the best in the whole southern Maine region, Suzanne makes taking her teacher training course affordable and attainable for average yogis who want the education and the 200 hr RYT status as teachers. We laughed, cried, breathed and learned together and left feeling connected and accomplished! Suzanne is a mentor who I admire greatly for her immense understanding of the many holistic arts, including but not limited to herbalism, yoga, massage, thai body work and pranayama. Specific to yoga, she has a firm experiential knowledge of prenatal yoga, kids yoga, chair and ailment-supporting yoga variations. We discussed trauma based yoga and the many options we can pursue as instructors beyond the 200 hour teacher training. Suzanne is a beautiful person and inspirational educator- take her classes and join the Panacea community!

Nedra Smith