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Anti-Pain, Anti-Inflammatory Blend

Ravens Remedy Anti-Pain, Anti-Inflammatory tincture can help provide relief from pain and inflammation caused by various chronic illnesses.

Peace Be With You Blend

Ravens Remedy Peace Be With You Blend tincture can help provide a sense of calm and relieve tension from everyday stress and help you focus.

Sleep and Restore Blend

Ravens Remedy Sleep and Restore Blend tincture can help promote a restful night’s sleep and help you feel refreshed and revitalized in the morning.

Anti-Histamine and Cytokine Blend

Ravens Remedy Sleep and Restore Blend tincture can help your body’s response to allergens and boost immunity against adverse responses.

Custom Blends

♥ Anti-Pain & Anti-Inflammatory Blend

♥ Full System Support Blend

♥ Anti-Pathogen Support

♥ Sleep & Restore Blend

♥ Digest & Absorb Blend

♥ Peace Be with you Blend

♥ Anti-Histamine & Cytokine Support Blend


1 ounce tincture blends $33
2 ounce tincture blends $44
Herbal Tool kits range from $55-88
These kits come with custom selected herbals & custom support therapy tool tips & affirmations for effective healing 
Custom Tea Blends Price Varies
Cannabis Medicine Support
1 ounce tincture $55
2 ounce tincture $99
Topical pain reliever $99


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About Raven's Remedies

We are a small family owned business dedicated to quality custom herbal blends. Offering combinations of plant based support for individual health. We have been inspired to offer some of our favorite family herbal support blends with the public, helping to encourage individuals to give their minds and bodies the comfort and support they need throughout all 4 seasons, when the body feels compromised and to support some of those pesky smaller issues that arise with our health as well as some of the more large challenges we face. We offer support within our herbal recipes for all your wellness needs A-Z.

We source all of out herbs from local Maine farms or Mountain Rose herbals on the west coast