Class details/pricing

Most Yoga classes start at a drop in rate of only $10. We have chose to make this studio a place where individuals are able to come and inexpensively practice and experience better overall health. Friday morning classes are $5

The cost of specialty classes,workshop,events and private classes will vary.

Private 1 hour yoga class: $75

Yoga Medley

This class combines the essential yogic tools to an effective overall practice. A moderate pace, great for beginners or advanced students, all poses offered with modifications for a foundational base and or advanced options. A Yoga medley infusion of learning rhythmic healing breathe, yoga poses from the simple basics to a taste of more creative and healing based poses, and easing our daily stress with a short guided imagery meditation.

Gentle Yoga

During this class we will explore the foundation of our poses to restore, strengthen and realign the spine, exploring mini sequences, learning breathing techniques, and specific yoga poses to help heal the body from every day aliments. We will use props and specific techniques to assist finding each pose in the comfort of our own body. This class is for beginners or regular practitioners. Join us for this class during your lunch hour from work or your day off from work. This class is suitable for all ages and levels.

Vigorous Vinyasa

This class includes vigorous sun salutations, standing, seated and reclining poses as well as some balancing and inverted poses and incorporates regular sequences that become familiar to students, but incorporates variations to modify, intensify, or challenge the body. This class is strength building and invigorating and is certainly a “workout” class. Relaxation and (Savasana) closes each class. (Intermediate level class)

Restoratative Yoga

Restorative yoga is ideal for individuals of all ages and levels, supportive for those looking to relax and open the body for healing. This class is suitable for people who are pregnant, recovery from illness/injury, or individuals just looking to step back from our busy lives. In restorative yoga, props and or chairs are used as an optional choice to support the body so that you can hold poses for longer, allowing you to open your body through passive stretching. Restorative postures are usually adapted from supine or seated yoga poses with the addition of blocks, bolsters, and blankets to eliminate unnecessary straining. Restorative classes are usually very relaxing and are a good complement to more active practices.

Yin yoga

Learning to understand the Yin part of our life through this bittersweet practice. Yin Yoga, is much different than our traditional flow or faster paced class. Yin Yoga helps us to target the deeper foundation of our body, to unlock areas of stagnation in our connective tissue, essentially the fascia, bone matrix, ligaments and tendons of our body,  the deeper parts of our body that often become forgotten. Learning to find the comfortable edge in this discipline of yin allows us to take more control in other areas of our everyday life. Most individuals have a new sense of relaxation, less joint pain, less arthritic flares and more of an overall state of well being. Join us for this incredible class!

Energizing Flow

An uplifting moderate and energizing paced asana flow evolving into creativity of breath and movement. Staying grounded in your intentions, learning to enjoy the challenges and appreciate modifications when needed in the respect of our personal limitations and desires as we move our body, open our heart, calm the mind, and flow to the rhythm and sound of breath.

Postnatal Yoga

This class is geared for new moms and their babies.  This class is helpful to get the body moving again after giving birth, join in the class after obtaining permission from your doctor or midwife.  It’s a great way to connect with your little ones, and have them interact with each other, while doing a little baby yoga.

Studies have shown Yoga practice after pregnancy can help the body return to its pre baby weight more quickly, and help to balance emotional well-being from hormonal changes and the initial exhaustion from being a new mom.

Prenatal Yoga

This is an outstanding class to prepare yourself for the challenges that go along during pregnancy, and all the many changes that take place within the body.  This specialty yoga class is geared to help the body during labor, for possible easier transition, helpful breath work, and quicker recovery time postnatal.  Additionally, the physical components of this class help to strengthen the body, and increase flexibility, while encouraging the body to return to its pre-baby weight more quickly.

This class allows moms to have a special connection with their baby, and to talk with other mothers openly about their questions, concerns, and joys of pregnancy.

(1 hour class)

Yoga For Kids

This class is suitable for children of all ages. It is most ideal for kids ages 3 and up, for children younger than 3, the mommy and me classes…..and Dad too may be a better choice.  Yoga for Kids is an amazing way for kids to communicate with each other through healthy active play.   Studies have concluded that children who are engaged in Yoga significantly make better choices during life in the long run, by making healthier choices for themselves.

During our fast paced world it is challenging for children to understand how to naturally relax. This class helps increase their focus, attention and self esteem. Yoga can help children to communicate effectively with the other children in a fun social setting.  Yoga helps to teach children how to calm themselves when feeling nervous or upset.  The physical activity involved with Yoga for kids is a non-competitive form of exercise, allowing them to be creative as they gain more strength and flexibility.

(45 minute class)

Chairside Yoga

This class in similar to the Basic Level Yoga class in the sense that you are doing many of the same poses and breathing techniques, but with the assistance of a chair.  Chair Yoga helps individuals who have greater difficulty with range of motion, flexibility and strength, and it is lower in impact. Although, this class is taken down a notch the benefits are just as rewarding. This class is ideal for people of all ages,  especially seniors, people who have suffered an injury, are recovering from an illness,  having difficulty with weight, and individuals in office settings where you may be sitting most of the day.  This class helps increase flexibility, range of motion, muscle strength, a better self esteem, increased blood circulation, improving posture and balance, which can result in easier daily tasks and activities. The benefits with chair yoga help individuals reduce their chances of injury and falls.  Feelings of stress and exhaustion are lifted.

(45 minute class)