Chair Side Yoga

This class in similar to the Basic Level Yoga class in the sense that you are doing many of the same poses and breathing techniques, but with the assistance of a chair.  Chair Yoga helps individuals who have greater difficulty with range of motion, flexibility and strength, and it is lower in impact. Although, this class is taken down a notch the benefits are just as rewarding. This class is ideal for people of all ages,  especially seniors, people who have suffered an injury, are recovering from an illness,  having difficulty with weight, and individuals in office settings where you may be sitting most of the day.  This class helps increase flexibility, range of motion, muscle strength, a better self esteem, increased blood circulation, improving posture and balance, which can result in easier daily tasks and activities. The benefits with chair yoga help individuals reduce their chances of injury and falls.  Feelings of stress and exhaustion are lifted.

(45 minute class)