Help for Post-COVID Issues – Read our case study 

A single but promising case study revealed that in just two 5-minute anterior lung treatments with Firefly Light Therapy the patient, a 62 year old male struggling to recover from post-COVID lung symptoms, had remarkable results. Read the study here.

Before COVID-19 became widespread Dr. Bales was infected with the virus and decided to try the Firefly for his loss of taste and smell. Both returned after a series of treatments. Imagine life without taste and smell?! This is a reality for many and we can help them.

After applying Firefly Light Therapy on my father (who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) for about 3-4 weeks, he is more alert and responsive and his neck flexibility has improved so he can turn his head from left to right. Moreover, it has helped him swallow. I am so grateful for this therapy and believe there will be more positive outcomes as we continue treatment. Thank you! Colleen P.

Chart that shows how the average cognitive score for patients with Alzheimers increased by 35% after 10 Firefly Light Therapy treatments.