Cognitive Decline Trial Shows Promising Results

In 2019 Dr. Suzan Syed and I conducted a small study on patients diagnosed with cognitive decline in 2019-2020. With dementia affecting 5.7 million Americans and over 50 million people globally, we wanted to know first hand if our light therapy could help. This was a small study with patients who had a definitive diagnosis of Dementia from their neurologist. Read the full study here.

The function generator allows frequency specific information to be input into the Firefly Light Therapy

Patients were evaluated with the F-Scan to determine frequencies that were sensitive. The frequency found most sensitive was then programmed into a function generator. The function generator was set to input frequency information (sinusoidal waveform, 5V peak-peak) into the Bales Photonics Firefly Clinic Pro using 37,700 mW intensity. Subjects received 10 treatments for 10 minutes over the course of 4 weeks with a minimum of 2 treatments per week using their unique frequency.

Nine subjects completed the pilot study. The average Mini-Cog score improved by 7% from the pre-trial to the post-trial exams. Scores improved by another 26% from the post-trial exam to the post washout exam. The overall average Mini-Cog score improved by 35%.