Travis Eliot / Lauren Eckstrom Training

100 HOUR Next Level Yoga Training

With Travis Eliot & Lauren Eckstrom from LA

Guest teacher Alex Amorosi from Boston & Suzanne Cobb from Hallowell

 Begins Fall 2017


                     Travis                                       Lauren                         Alex                           Suzanne



Training Location Panacea Yoga Studios-101 Second Street Hallowell Maine
About Training


This Specialty Yoga Training is 4 individual Friday-Sunday weekend modules beginning October 13th 2017 and concluding September 2018 and is open to the general public. The September 2018 module does require individuals to be 200 hour yoga teacher training certified. Panacea Yoga Studios offers 200 hour training in Hallowell Maine to optionally fill this prerequisite so any student may attend the module if desired.

 This particular training can be used towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours  and or towards one of Panacea Schools upcoming 300 hour training’s. Some people simply enjoy these training’s without searching for any specific hour requirements. 




$444 Per Module Training Weekend

$1599 For Full 4 weekend Training Module



On Sale June 9

Step 1:

To reserve your spot please click the panacea online payment button here: Enter in the optional per module cost of $444 per weekend or the full training cost of $1599 for all 4 modules.

Step 2:

Call or Email Panacea to Confirm your purchase and option for this training.                    207-242-2983 or


Panacea Yoga will send tickets via email in August 2017


This Training will sell out. A previous Travis Eliot Yin Training filled in less than a week. Contact Panacea Yoga now to reserve your spot.


Weekend Training Details


October 13-15 (2017) 


Pranayama & Meditation


This module focuses on two of the most important elements in all of yoga. We will explore the history, science, and philosophy of Pranayama & Meditation. Most importantly there will be multiple practices to take you deep into these amazing and transformative modalities. This immersion is open to current yoga instructors and students looking for self enrichment. This module also includes Gentle, Restorative and Yin Yoga practices twice daily to compliment the Pranayama and Meditation.


Instructors Travis & Lauren


February 2-4 (2018)

Snow Date February 16-18


Advanced Anatomy  & Intuitive Meridians


Advanced studies in human anatomy/physiology and healthy movement patterns in yoga. Blending solid anatomically and physiologically based sequencing techniques combined with intuitive energetic connections and understanding of the body through the practice of yoga and other energetic traditions.


We will synergistically blend the Anatomy of our bodies with our emotional and energetic meridians. Additionally combining ailment based yoga and the structure and function through intuition of our bodily system. This immersion is open to current yoga instructors and students looking for self enrichment.


Instructors Alex & Suzanne


April 27-29 (2018)


Holistic Yoga Flow 


This module focuses on the unique and powerful style of Holistic Yoga Flow. Holistic Yoga Flow is all about embodying the best version of YOU physically, mentally, emotionally, and soulfully! Each day there will be two thematic “Holistic Yoga Flow” master classes. Presentations on various holistic topics including yoga, meditation, ayurveda, mantra, and subtle anatomy will be given. You be given multiple skills and takeaways to take your practice and life to a whole other level. This immersion is open to current yoga instructors and students looking for self enrichment.


Instructors Travis & Lauren


September 14-16 (2018)


Advanced Sequence

There is an art and science to crafting a yoga class that is transformative and potentially life-changing. In this immersion Travis and Lauren will share their special method that has impacted thousands of students across the globe. This immersion is specifically designed for yoga teachers, but students interested in self-enrichment are welcome to attend the twice daily master classes.


Pre-requisite: 200 hour Yoga Training required to take this module weekend


Instructors Travis & Lauren